Supported Community Living

Hourly Supported Community Living

Hourly services are provided to individuals within their own home and in the community by RFYP staff. RFYP staff are provided to the individual based on the individual’s needs and personal schedule. Service hours are available 7 days per week during times that the individual would like staff. Staff can assist individuals with services such as advocacy and self help skills, bill paying, grocery shopping, managing medication, household chores, and other specific goals that the individual chooses.


24 Hour Supported Community Living

RFYP provides 24 Hour Supported Community Living (SCL) services to adults with disabilities. RFYP services and staff are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Services take place in residential homes and within the Iowa City community. The number of roommates depends on the size of the home services are provided in. Placement of roommates depends on the individuals’ personalities and preferences. All of the RFYP SCL locations are safe, affordable, and accessible. One of the goals of SCL is to increase independence and  involvement in the Iowa City community by giving members greater choices and control over their lives. The services include home skills assistance, advocacy, transportation services, assistance with activities of daily living, personal cares, medication management, and the use of staff supports, natural supports, and a variety of other ongoing supports.