Community Living

Life Choices

Moving into your own apartment or house is an important decision and a momentous occasion. As a provider of services to adults with disabilities, our first obligation is to the individual whom we serve and to respect their choices. We have the expectation that we will do our best to honor the requests of the RFYP members and support their desire for independence. RFYP has a responsibility to implement the individual’s ISP, respect the individuals rights and restrictions, and advocate as needed. ISPs are reviewed at least twice per year to ensure the best individualized services are being administered.

If necessary, a Behavior Intervention Plan can be developed that will provide RFYP staff with specific guidelines outlining their interventions to address appropriate responses to maladaptive behavior. RFYP trains staff of positive interventions and being proactive to prevent any behavioral issues.

Rent and Utilities

Individuals are responsible for paying their own rent and utilities. RFYP offers representative payee services to assist with this task. Individuals can make choices about phone, internet, and cable services. Some individuals receive rental assistance through Section VIII Housing, HCBS Rent Subsidy, or other various assistance programs.

Food and Assistance

Individuals are responsible for purchasing their own groceries. Most individuals shop with some degree of staff support. Individuals can decide to develop individualized weekly menus and grocery lists to aid in budgeting and healthy eating. Upon admission, Reach For Your Potential will provide assistance in applying for Food Assistance through the Iowa Department of Human Services. This monthly disbursement varies depending on the individual’s monthly income.

Recreational Activities

Reach For Your Potential provides staff support for individuals to participate in recreational activities of their choice. Individuals are encouraged to participate, but they make the final decision to participate. Individuals are responsible for paying for any activities they attend.  There are many  individuals we serve that are involved in organized activities through the Iowa City Recreation Center, Special Olympics Iowa, and Camp Courageous.


The day-to day schedule of the individual depends on their personal schedules including school, work, and/or Day Hab services. Every RFYP member has a different schedule and RFYP will provide staff to meet the needs of the individual. We strive to give individuals maximum choice opportunities in determining the flow of their home life.  We also understand the importance of structure to many of the individuals we work with, so we aim to maintain a predictable lifestyle for each member and respect their individual schedules and staffing needs.

Activities of Daily Living

Individuals are responsible for all activities of daily living o the best of their ability. RFYP staff members certainly assist individuals in completing cooking, cleaning, laundry, personal cares, etc.  without losing sight of the goal of greater independence.


Many of the individuals we serve take regular medications.  The majority of staff are certified medication managers and assist individuals in taking their medications.  All medications must be ordered by a doctor if RFYP staff will be assisting with medication administration. Some individuals administer their own  medications. Reach For Your Potential provides whatever level of   support is necessary in ensuring individuals maintain healthy  lifestyles.


We encourage individuals to be as independent as possible in meeting their transportation needs.  Some individuals arrange transportation through Iowa City Transit bus system, Johnson County SEATS para transit bus system, or through local taxi services.  Reach For Your Potential maintains a fleet of vehicles to meet  the members’ transportation needs as needed.