What We Do

Reach For Your Potential, Inc. has been serving Iowa City and the surrounding area since 1990. If requested by members or guardians, the Executive Director, Program Directors, and Service Coordinators are available to provide assistance, information, and/or referrals about resources available to assist the persons served and guardians in making financial, legal, residential, health care, or other major life decisions.

Individualized, person-centered services and measurable goals are uniquely designed from the results of the identified preferences and assessment data which are driven by the individual. The service team works together to support the member’s desires. If RFYP does not provide a specific service that a member desires, a referral will be made to the appropriate agency. Otherwise, services are provided directly by RFYP staff.

Supported Community Living and Home Based Habilitation programs serve two populations: Intellectual Disabilities (ID) or Brain Injury (BI). Day Habilitation services serve individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.   Individuals must first be approved for the ID or BI Waiver services. Fees for all programs are paid through Medicaid for individuals on the ID or BI Waiver or individuals can choose to private pay if they are not approved for the Medical Waiver. Referrals are accepted through various Regional Case Management Services, managed care agencies, and personal referrals.