Reach For The Stars Aktion Club

  • Aktion Club is a community service club created specifically to help adults with disabilities get involved in their community; the RFYP Aktion Club is lead by our own members. In addition to community service projects, Aktion Clubs also host a variety of social events on the weekends to provide opportunities for their members to enjoy their community together. Each Aktion Club is formed, structured, and run locally, but is supported by the Kiwanis International Office.
  • Reach For Your Potential founded the Reach For the Stars Aktion Club in May of 2008. The club’s meetings, fund raisers, and social events are coordinated by the individuals who participate in the club with the assistance of an RFYP advisor.
  • Aktion Club believes that through its service to the community it will also teach the community more about adults with disabilities in order to bring out community closer together.
  • Reach For The Stars Aktion Club Anthem:
    o Together we can Reach for the Stars, Together we can open minds and hearts!
    o We serve others in our community, Development has no disability!
    o United we can never fail, Together we are one, United we can change the world!

Aktion Club